Hey guys, so today I’m going to be talking about dancing since the Japan trip is coming up.

A lot of you may have seen me and my friends dancing to As If It’s Your Last by Blackpink outside of the middle school building and you may be wondering why.  Well, it’s for the JST because we have to perform it at the school and the banquet.  We are almost ready, and we just need to polish it.  It was also really fun to learn and dance to.

Dancing can be good for you because it’s fun and it provides exercise.  It can also improve your mental health and boost your happiness.  It’s also a great social activity and it can improve your balance.  Best of all, anyone can dance!

Sometimes during recess, hmsmari, hmsraya, hmssarah, and I do a kpop random play dance, which is really fun even though I don’t know most of the dances.  If you don’t know, a random play dance is when you put multiple songs together into a large mashup and you dance to the songs’ choreographies.  I’ve actually learned a lot of the dances by watching Mari, Sarah, and Raya as well as watching dance practices a lot.  We have a lot of fun doing it, even though I sit out most of the time cuz I only know a few dances… but it’s still fun.  Sometimes a large group of people get together and do a large random play dance in public, which you can find on youtube.

Well, that’s all for now! Bye!


I’m Just Gonna Say Something.

I could only find this picture, but if you want to look it up, then you can.

Hey guys, so before we start this, let me just say one thing: LEAVE CHAN ALONE HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS AND HE PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A CHOICE!

Okay… So, you’re probably wondering what the heck that was about.  This happened a while ago, and I feel really bad for what happened and I just want to address it.  Anyway, this all happened at a Stray Kids fansign.  Everything was going well, until people saw Chan’s hair.  That day, Chan was wearing cornrows and many people, including fans, saw this as racist and culturally insensitive.  They then started to chant stuff like “ot8” and “2racha”, calling him racist and culturally insensitive, and eventually made him cry.

So, why am I bringing this up?  Well, I find it unfair that all this is happening to him.  He’s a kpop idol and he probably didn’t get to choose his hairstyle, since he has stylists that do his hair for him.  Also, all Stays should know that Chan is anything but racist or culturally insensitive.  In a 3racha song, Chan said “ninjas” and people thought he was saying a bad word.  Then, in another 3racha song called PACE he implied that it was just a misunderstanding in a verse that he rapped, which was: “Listen up, I’m pretty sure you heard wrong.  I said ninjas, fam I think you misheard. Cuz I represent and show respect to all people around the whole world.”  In one of their songs in their recent album called Miroh, Chan incorporated the Haka dance, which is an ancient Maori ceremonial dance, into their choreography. He took the time to learn and understand the dance before using it.

I also think it’s unfair that in Exo’s Kokobop, one of the members, Kai, also wore cornrows, but no one called him racist.  Chan cares for Stays so much, and this is how they treat him.  It’s just a hairstyle and he deserves much more than this.  I’m honestly very disappointed in all the Stays that called him racist and culturally insensitive or chanted ot8 and 2racha.  Do you think this is fair?

Well, that’s all for now! Bye!


Also, here’s an article addressing what I was talking about.


Hey guys!  So today, I’ll be talking about drawing.

I love drawing.  It’s a way to express your creativity and it helps you improve your hand-eye coordination.  Drawing also helps you improve your concentration and your attention to details.  It can also be used to relieve stress or as a form of therapy and it’s something almost anyone can do.

Drawing can also be used as part of your career, like if you’re an animator, like Eroldstory or Domics, or even hmsnatalie, who has started animating.  If you’re an animator, your drawing don’t have to be complex.  Take the odd1sout for example, his drawing style is so simple that anyone could draw it.  I actually tried drawing in his art style for a social studies project, and it was really easy and fun.

I’ve been drawing as a hobby for less than a year now, and I can say that I’ve improved a bit during this time.  Here’s when I first started as a hobby:

Picture taken by me

Eww. Who drew this?  (I did)  It’s so bad they all look the same and they don’t even have hands.  You also can barely see the small people’s faces.  I remember I had to draw around 46 different people and I didn’t like it.  Anyway, here’s one of my more recent ones:

Picture taken by me

I like this one it’s much better compared to the other one.  I worked on this for about 2 hours or however long Infinity War lasted because my parents were watching it while I was sitting behind the couch drawing.  One of the things I struggled with was the hands because for some reason, hands are really hard to draw.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Bye!



Save Me

Hey guys!  Webtoon Series No. 8!  Today I’ll be talking about Save Me, the BTS webtoon.

Save Me is based off of the I NEED U music video and the events that happen in it.  Save Me takes place two years after Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook, who supposedly grow apart after highschool.  In the story, after splitting up, Jin moves to America, Namjoon gets a job at a gas station, and the rest of the members move on.  Although, things don’t go right in the two years that Jin is gone.

Save Me follows the story of Jin, who moves back to Korea after living in America.  Once he gets back, however, he finds out that a series of misfortunes befalls on his friends.  Namjoon gets sent to prison, Taehyung murders his abusive father, Jungkook and Yoongi commit suicide, and Jimin and Hoseok are sent to the hospital.  Jin is then given a chance to go back in time and save them from their misfortunes, which all happens on the same day. If he fails to save even one, the day starts over again, causing him to live in a time loop.

I would recommend this to people who like BTS and who like drama and stories like this.  I really like this webtoon because the plot and story is really interesting and it makes you want to read more.

Well, that’s all for now! Bye!


Save Me Webtoon



Lost in Translation

Hey guys!  Webtoon Series No. 7 and today, I’ll be talking about Lost in Translation (Couldn’t find a picture so here’s the Webtoons logo?)

Lost in Translation is about Wyld, who is in a kpop group called Mayhem, who gets framed by the company’s CEO.  Because of this, he’s been placed under the spotlight and can’t tell anyone about it.  Ever since debuting with Mayhem, Wyld has been in several different articles that say that he’s been harassing a girl on the train or being seen with many different girls and going to night clubs, even though he only went to the club to return a wallet that fell out of a girl’s pocket.

Lost in Translation follows the story of Wyld and how he struggles to keep what really happens a secret.  Because of all the articles, Wyld is also portrayed as a bad person and he can’t share his side of the story with the public because the CEO said: “It doesn’t matter does it?  Haven’t we been over this before, Jaewon?  So what if the articles about you are all lies? Mayhem was able to grow this big because of all the publicity.  You don’t want to take that away from your members, do you? What is it that matters to you more, Jaewon? You? Or them?”  Basically, the CEO is making him feel bad and to make him consider the other member’s feelings if their popularity goes down, so he doesn’t share the truth.  And Wyld values Mayhem a lot more than himself.  You know, I think the CEO is a terrible person.

Later throughout the story, Wyld meets a barista at a coffee shop he goes to a lot.  The barista, who’s name is Junsu, helps Wyld and befriends him, gives him advice, and even helped him when a crazy stalker broke into Wyld’s house.

I really like Lost in Translation and I think it’s one of my favorite Webtoons (Thanks Mari for recommending it to me!) and I highly recommend it.

Well, that’s all for now! Bye!



Lost in Translation


Hey guys! Webtoon Series No. 6!  Today, I’ll be talking about Lookism.

Lookism is about a boy named Park Daniel, who gets bullied at school for being… obese… Daniel then moves to another high school and lives alone.  One day, he wakes up to find out that he now has two bodies.  His original one, and a new one, which is tall, handsome, fit, and strong, and everyone likes him.  But he can only use one body at a time, so if one if sleeping the other is awake.

Daniel goes to school with his new body and makes new friends, like Zack, a former boxer; Vasco, a childish, but also strong person who also protects the weak kids; Jay, a super rich mute boy, who Daniel can somehow understand, and who might have a crush on Daniel (well, he does anything for him and even adopted his dog’s puppies even though he’s afraid of dogs); and many other people.  While in his new body, Daniel becomes famous and popular as a model, “Pacebook” star, and a former trainee of PTJ Entertainment (he dropped out).  There is also a lot of violence in the book, but it’s really interesting.

Throughout the story, Daniel meets people who have been judged for their looks because they are obese, look weak, or are “ugly”.  Daniel learns that a lot of people gets judged based on their looks and befriends some bullied kids and helps them.  For example, one of his friends, who’s name is Duke, wants to be a rapper, so Daniel helps get him into PTJ Entertainment so he can become an idol.

I think Lookism is a really good book because it teaches people that you shouldn’t judge others by their looks.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested.

Well, that’s all for now!  Bye!




My Top Five Favorite Youtubers

Here’s an Eroldstory Video

Hey guys!  Today I’ll be talking about my top five favorite Youtubers (In no particular order nd maybe with one of my favorite quotes from them).  So, let’s begin!  Also, I highly recommend all these youtubers.


One of my favorite animators is Eroldstory.  I really like his videos because they’re funny and weird, plus he’s a HUGE weeb.  He also inputs some snippets of kpop references for all the kpop fans out there. He has a large variety of videos, from comic dubs to animations about an art school student eating a plastic bag.


Another one of my favorite animators is Tabbes.  I also really like her videos because they’re funny, but they can involve some swearing.  Her drawing style is really simple, it’s basically a circle for a head, a rectangle for a body, lines for arm, and ovals for hands.  That’s it.  But sometimes she makes her drawings a bit more complicated, like adding fingers to her hands.*dramatic gasp* Nah, I’m kidding.


I really like Ramenai because she makes weird BTS animations.  A lot of them are based off of other videos and some are stuff like: An Ugly Guide to the BTS Rap Line or The BTS Hunger Games.  I find the characters she makes of them cute and kinda funny.


A lot of you probably heard of Markiplier but if you haven’t, then… uhh… Anyway, he plays a lot of video games and does a lot of challenges.  He swears kinda a lot but he’s really funny.

Game Theorists/Film Theorists

I love Film/Game Theorists.  If you’ve haven’t heard about either of those channels, it’s run by a guy named MatPat, He covers a lot of movies and games and makes theories about them that actually make sense.  He uses a lot of math and science stuff in his theories, like helicopter physics, how much pressure it takes to break a human skull, and different types of amnesia.  I’ve learned kind of a lot by watching his videos, like for instance one medium thing of McDonald’s fries is worth about maybe 200 megajoules worth of energy.

Well, I think that’s all for now.  Bye!






Hey guys! Webtoons series No. 5! This time, I’ll be talking about Lumine!

Lumine is a webtoon that is set in a universe with witches, weredogs, and the almost extinct and very rare, werewolves.  In this universe, weredogs normally work for rich people as bodyguards.  Werewolves look like weredogs, but when they turn into wolves, they are much bigger than dogs.  Werewolves are rare because they are hunted for their blood, so they go into hiding and almost never transform.

Lumine is about a boy named… Lumine… who gets fired from his job as a bodyguard.  He goes to sleep outside, where he meets a boy named Kody.  Lumine tries leads Kody to the train station, but gets lost and runs into a guy and his two weredog friends, who tries to mug them.  Lumine tries to protect Kody by turning into his canine form, he turns into a small, tiny dog instead of the regular sized weredog. Kody’s father then comes and saves Lumine and Kody and hires Lumine to be Kody’s bodyguard.  Kody, however, doesn’t want a bodyguard, so Lumine tries to befriend him.

Later in the story, Kody gets kidnapped and Lumine tries to save him in his small puppy form.  While there, he tries to fight the kidnappers but gets beat up really badly.  Kody shouts encouraging words to Lumine, and he “unlocks” his real form, which helps him defeat the kidnappers, but gets him almost killed in the process.

I really like this Webtoon because it’s cute and the plot is really good.  I highly recommend Lumine.

Well, that’s all for now! Bye!



My Favorite Wattpad Stories

Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite Wattpad stories. So here they are, plus some stuff that happens in it and why I like it.

  • hanahaki | changlix: This story is about Felix, who develops a hanahaki disease when he sees his crush, Changbin dating a girl and throughout the story, Felix’s condition gets worse and worse.  I really liked this story because this is one of the few stories that made me cry.
  • What Are You {S.Cb – L.Fl}: This story is about Felix, a normal human, who gets sent to a school for magical creatures, like wizards and werewolves.  He meets this boy names Changbin and finds out that he isn’t exactly human.  I loved this story because of the plot and the storyline.
  • dating hotline | nct.: This story is about a girl named Jeon Taehee, who downloads this app called Lucky Charm Hotline, where she makes friends with 8 boys: Johnny, Jaehyun, Chittaphon, Doyoung, Taeyong, Mark, Donghyuk, and Sicheng. Plus Ryuwon, who joins later in the story.  Anyway, this story is basically Taehee and her friends’ crazy shenanigans on the website, while Taehee tries to find love.  I loved this story because it’s just so funny. I highly recommend this story and you don’t really need to know NCT before you read this. (At least I don’t think so cuz I didn’t know them before I read this)
  • cupid hotline | nct.: This story is the sequel to dating hotline and this follows Tsuneari Kiko, who downloads the same app and meets Lucas, Jungwoo, Kun, and Yuta, who protect her from a gang called Wings.  I love this story because there’s a lot of action and a lot of pictures that go along with the story.  This is honestly one of my favorite stories.
  • snapchat | taehyung: This story is about a girl named Lee Hanbyul, who befriends a boy named Taehyung on Snapchat.  She starts talking to him when weird things start to happen.  Her friend, Jimin, tries to tell her to delete Taehyung because he’s a bad person, but can’t because his messages won’t send and his keyboard starts to type on it’s own.  One day, Taehyung send Hanbyul a link to a creepy game, which she plays.  After playing it she tries to text Taehyung, but he sends her the creepy message of: m15t3r n1g67man s41d y8u 4r3 n37t.  Hanbyul gets creeped out and texts Jimin, who then sends her the same text after his keyboard types on it’s own.  She tries to delete Snapchat, but she can’t.  More weird things start to happen, like people start to appear in her pictures when she took them alone, Jimin is found murdered, the words Midnight Man keep appearing, her keyboard starts to mess up, she can’t delete Taehyung from her friends, and Taehyung’s eyes start to glow red and he grows fangs.  That’s not normal.  Hanbyul and her friend, Jungkook have to find a way to stop the weird things going on and find out who the midnight man is.  I really liked this story because it’s really interesting and you also don’t really need to know BTS to read this.
  • Help Me || Lee Jeno: This story is about a girl names May Leechaiyapornkul and how she has 15 days to save her crush and next door neighbor, Lee Jeno, from dying.  I loved this story because it’s really interesting and I loved the plot.
  • Puzzle | JiKook: This story is about a boy named Park Jimin, who when walking home one day, gets stabbed in the stomach multiple times and gets murdered.  Jimin then becomes a ghost and has to find his killer and make them turn themselves in.  Jimin, as a ghost, can only be seen by other ghosts and his killer.  One day, Jimin goes to a café he used to go to when he was alive and finds his killer, a boy named Jungkook.  Jimin follows Jungkook and finds out that he has killed many other people in many different ways.  Jimin has to convince Jungkook to turn himself in and stop killing others.  I really like this book because it’s so creative and I love the storyline and plot.

Well, I think that’s all for now!  I hope you check out these stories! Bye!


A Good Day To Be A Dog

Hey everyone, I’m back with another Webtoon!  Webtoon Series: No. 4! Anyway, this is one of my favorites and it’s called: A Good Day To Be A Dog.

A Good Day To Be A Dog is about Hana, a teacher who goes out with her other teacher friends after work.  While there, she mistakenly kisses her crush, Mr. Lee. But it wasn’t Mr. Lee, it was Mr. Jin, who is mysterious and is uncomfortable around Hana.  Hana rushes home and she turns into a small, white dog.

But why? Apparently, one of her ancestors was a troublemaker and made the people in his town hate him and they started to ignore him.  He got mad and took it out on a small, white dog that passed by, but accidently killed it in the process.  He then gets visited by a mountain spirit that curses him and his descendants  so that whenever they kiss someone, they turn into a small, white dog at midnight.  But they do get turned back into a human at 6, so they can still go to work and stuff.

To break the curse, Hana has to kiss Mr. Jin again as a dog.  But Mr. Jin is terrified of dogs, so Hana has to figure out a way to break her curse without revealing her secret.  I highly recommend this Webtoon to anyone who would like this kind of story.

A Good Day To Be A Dog: https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/a-good-day-tobe-a-dog/ep-1/viewer?title_no=1390&episode_no=1

Webtoons: https://www.webtoons.com/en/

Well, that’s all for now! Bye!


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